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for, Lurching in the Dark

“Terrific…they always deliver…” – Lone Frequencies (07/09/18)
“These three find the limits of possibility and figure out how to take an idea one step further without imploding….They don’t just redefine rock music, they envision it.” – Andrew Duncan, Selective Memory Mag (07/10/18)
“…seamless and smooth…enticing…a compelling display of dexterous musicianship…” 
-Avery Shepherd, Immersive Atlanta (07/17/18)

for, Lanterns

This recording is a mystery…You’re gonna think you’ve heard this before, but it’s richer and more interesting. Subtlety is power. – Adam Harmless, GAD! Zine (10/16/17)
“Glorious Album.” – James, Lone Frequencies Ep.29 (10/23/17)
“Appropriate for all times…very layered and textured…not over the top…it’s beautifully moody- there is a bit of beauty in the darkness of A Very Loud Death.” – Jacob, Lone Frequencies Ep. 29 (10/23/17)
“…what they are is rather cool, emotionally riveting post-metal/progressive rock…the trio provide some powerfully illuminating music…it is as haunting as it is beautiful…” – Pat “Riot” Whitaker, RiffRelevant.com (01/06/18)
“The album is a dark, moody listen that combines primal punk energy with a more nuanced, progressive rock aesthetic.” – Brian Lush, RockWired.com (01/17/18)
“…the best way to describe A Very Loud Death’s latest offering is that there is enough dramatic loudness to wake up empathy in a stone-cold psychopath.” – Kayla Hutton, imperfectFifth.com (01/30/18)
“it [Lanterns] is an interesting and exciting blend between Post-punk, Noise rock and Alternative rock in ten tracks that incorporate emotional ecstasy and lots of darkness textures. Favorite track: Still Life (Cactus in a Cage)” – Sergio Renteria, Radio Segundo Canal (02/06/18)


A Very Loud Death – Mary (Studio) 2016

A Very Loud Death – Do Away (Studio) 2015


A Very Loud Death is an independent three piece rock band from Atlanta, GA consisting of Bryan Peel, Chris Edge, and Cole Robertson.

Known for their eclectic mix of art rock and pop, the group broke onto the underground rock radar of Patchwerk Studios Sound Engineer, Luke Campolieta in 2015. Luke and the band recorded their first single, the de-constructive grunge pop “Do Away” in 2015.

Leaving the track to a digital only release, the band followed up with the experimental, concept EP “The Castration of the Idiot” a year later. Working again with Luke Campolieta, the band changed their sound, focusing more on narrative driven music that, according to Chad Werner of NewsWhistle, challenged musical senses by moving between “post-punk stylings” and “Dick Dale surf shifts”. The album achieved some local success, producing two singles “Mary” and “The Fleers” which were the first of the band’s music to appear on the radio.

They released their debut, full length album “Lanterns” in 2017 which UK’s Lone Frequencies called a “Glorious Album,” and Pat Whitaker of Riff Relevant called “powerfully illuminating music…it is as haunting as it is beautiful…”. They achieved widespread acclaim for the climactic post apocalyptic track “Still Life: Cactus in a Cage”.

They released their new single “Lurching in the Dark” on July 1, 2018. Avery Shepherd of ImmersiveAtlanta calls the song “…seamless and smooth…enticing…a compelling display of dexterous musicianship…”.

Andrew Duncan, of Selective Memory Mag, went further praising the trio in a 4 star review, saying of the song “They don’t just redefine rock music, they envision it.”

“Lurching in the Dark” is the first single off their upcoming EP “Ulimatique”. The band released the official music video for Lurching in the Dark on July 17, 2018. It was filmed in Atlanta by local filmmaker Logan Ray Morrissey and premiered on Immersive Atlanta.





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